Guaranteed safety - Strict quality-Control systems.

Production is carried out by both EW Nutrition in Germany and GHEN Corporation in Japan. Both locations utilise GHEN’s decades of experience in producing the highest quality immunoglobulins whilst working with very high bio-security standards.

In manufacturing our products we rely on the efficacy of our specially developed processes. IgY is produced by stimulating the hens’ immune system. This ensures the production of eggs containing a high amount of specialist immunoglobulins. Following this, the eggs are further processed by separation and pasteurisation. Each stage in the production process is subject to extensive quality and safety analyses.

In order to be able to supply our customers with products of the highest quality and to ensure that this quality is uniformly maintained, we have developed a strict quality management system.

Our production processes have been approved and certified by independent certification bodies according to the appropriate ISO, GMP+ or QS regulation. The entire chain of production adheres to the principles of the HACCP concept.


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